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                 Your Student Videos of  your Playing Lessons are Here!

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Play the video to see the whole swing...  Use the video controls to start, stop, pause quickly to see specific positions in the golf swing...  

Watch your Face-On video & your Down-the-Line video in action...  Stop the videos at:

1) the top of the backswing when the clubhead changes direction - is your weight inside or outside the back leg?
in the downswing when the arms get parallel to the ground - do you still have wrist lag or cast the club?
3) at impact of the ball - have you turned the knees and hips to the target first or are they facing the ball? 

Now Compare those positions to the Paula-Creamer-vs-Natalie-Gulbis video at the same positions...
You will notice differences that you can model in your own swing...

Want to swing like Natalie or Paula?  Look below the videos for the Next Steps...
Contact Coach Rick with any questions...

green fairway

The Face-On player will be placed here.
The Down-Line player will be placed here.
The PGApro player will be placed here.

green fairwaygreen fairwaygreen fairwaygreen fairwaygreen fairway

Take the Next Step...

Coaching to "Get Scholarship Ready"

Up to 700K, yes thousand high school golfers graduate and apply to college each year.  There are 45,000 high school golfers applying for college golf team scholarships in California alone.  You have a choice...

Follow the traditional application process, or Get Ahead of the Crowd...  What's it going to be?

Join Coach Rick Wednesdays & Thursdays 5 to 7 PM  for a month of "Coaching for College" for $200.
During the 4 weeks we cover all the skills needed to play your best & break those golf barriers.
In addition, we arrange a 9-hole play day, build a personal practice/improvement plan, Improve the weaknesses and build on the strengths in your game, and creat a personal Golf Highlights Video.

Now you can get ahead of the crowds by sending you college golf promotion package to coaches, and have Them Call YOU for invitations to try out for the limited number of positions on their team.
Imagine getting a College Scholarship to Play Golf - how sweet is that?

By the way - did you know that golf scholarships, Especially for Women,  go Unclaimed Each Year!

 Join us at Shadoew Lakes & Deer Ridge for Long Drive & Short Game sessions!
Contact Coach Rick to let me know at (510) 917-6442 or RickPGA

Note: This program can achieve a college scholarship IF You are Willing to Work for It!  Hence...

+++++ +++++
+++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ 

Monthly "Coaching Practice" program.

Consistent practice means a better golf game and the discipline to achieve & demonstrate your excellence.
Join Coach Rick Saturdays from 9 to 12 PM and/or 3 to 6 PM for "Coaching Practice" sessions.
During the 4 weeks we cover all the skills needed to play your best & break those golf barriers.
"Coaching Practice" is $125 for up to 24 hours of lessons during a month...

 Join us at Shadoew Lakes & Deer Ridge for Long Drive & Short Game sessions!
Contact Coach Rick to let me know at (510) 917-6442 or RickPGA

+++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ 

Need MORE or After School Doesn't work?
How about a month of supervised Saturday practices in the Personal Golf Coach Program.  The coach helps you in 3 hour practice sessions up to 24 hours a month and golf balls are included.  
  • Perfect Putting -  Master Speed, Line, Aimpoint Green Reading & more...
  • SureFire Short Game - from Greenside, Stick it close to the pin for a Tap-In Putt ...
  • Money Shot Secrets - Get the right Distance, Ball Contact & Recovery...
  • Full Swing Fundamentals - Get the 3 power Points, Sweet Spot Contact & more...
At $125 per month, the program pays for itself.  Includes golf journal, best training aid & more... Can you hit a large bucket in an hour?  That's a $240 Savings... Start any weekend for 4 weeks!
Contact us at (510) 917-6442, or  
Email Coach Rick "I want to Practice with the Coach" - Here   


NEW for 2011.....
 LIVE Swing Analysis
 in Your Own Home!
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